Available Classes

Classes Course Hours Fees
01E Security Officer Core Subjects $174.99
01I Security Officer Core Subjects In-Service $60.00
DCJS Block (O1E, 05E, 07E) $350.00
05E Arrest Authority $60.00
Introduction to Firearms MD, DC, VA $149.99
07E VA Entry Level Firearms & Arrest Auth. $250.00
DC SPO Armed $350.00
07R Firearms Re-qualification $119.99
DC SPO Renewal $119.99
08E VA Entry Level Shotgun  $100.00
08R Shotgun Re-qualification  $70.00
Maryland Handgun (Entry-Level)  $200.00
Maryland Handgun (Re-certification)  $150.00
Expandable Baton (MEB) Basic Course  $60.00
Expandable Baton (MEB) Advanced Course  $70.00
Oleoresin Capsicum. (OC Pepper Spray)  $60.00
Standard FA/AICCPR/AED  $80.00
Standard First Aid  $59.99
GSA In Service Training 40 Hours(Refresher) 40hrs  $250.00
GSA Class (Entry Level)  $380.00
Heart-saver CPR/FIRST-AID (COMBO CARDS)  $85.00
Basic Handcuffing Techniques  $60.00
Safari Defensive Tactics (MDTS)  $70.00
Fingerprinting Service (Manual Cards)  $20.00
Introduction to Security (DC, MD)  $120.00
Health Care Provider CPR (BLS)  $74.99